Socratic Dialogue

Socratic dialogue on murder:

Me: I’ve been thinking a lot about justice recently Socrates, and I just don’t get why euthanasia for inmates is a just penalty for a crime, even if that crime is murder.  Is murder not wrong?

Socrates: Hmmm… yes, I would agree that murder is wrong, would you agree that there is no greater evil which man could perform?

Me: Umm… I guess I would agree.

Socrates: Well then, if murder is the greatest evil, would you also agree that every human has the right to live no matter how great or how small?

Me: Yes, all humans should not have the right to live taken away from them.

Socrates:  Therefore should murder be justified on a case-by-case basis?

Me: No, what is wrong is wrong no matter the circumstance.

Socrates: Is rape also evil?

Me: Of course rape is evil.

Socrates: Should not a woman be given the choice to abort a fetus conceived through rape or incest, both of which are considered to be evil acts?

Me: Well, it depends on how old the fetus is, and other factors.

Socrates: Ahh, it seems that murder can be circumstantial indeed.

This was really hard for me!  I feel like a pretty logical person, but it was difficult to create a Socratic method in trying to argue with myself, or set myself up for contradiction.  I didn’t really enjoy writing this, nor do I think I did a particularly good job of creating a Socratic Dialogue.  I guess this forces me to take on a variety of perspective and to use language and logic to convince through argument.  On the other hand, I just felt really uncomfortable writing it, and I felt pretty lost in writing it.  I often had to reconsider what I was trying to prove and how I was going to prove it.  In some ways that was a creative thinking process (at least up front, in trying to figure out the ways in which I could take a murder argument).  In the end, I used critical thinking to settle on an argument that was somewhat familiar to me, but I think this would have come out very differently had I worked in a group on this sort of dialogue.

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