Colleges drop SAT, but still buy names of high-scoring students.

This kills me!  We’ve been thinking a lot this week about standardized tests and whether or not they are good measures of creativity.  In this article the author states that while many colleges have pledged to no longer accept the SAT because it is biased against non-white and non-affluent populations, they continue to use high SAT scores as a way to attract a certain type of student.  I guess I can understand some of the reasons for this, because these types of students are able to effectively communicate and have foundational understandings, and Wagner and most employers agree that these are essential survival skills.  These colleges don’t want to have to spend time and resources doing remedial teaching.  On the other hand, SAT scores definitely represent a particular type of student.  Many colleges have goals of internationalization and want their students to come away with new perspectives (which the college would gain by accepting students against whom the SAT is typically biased).

It also just seems like a great waste of money for colleges to spend money toward obtaining these scores when they would most likely get the same quality of student, and perhaps an even greater quality student who comes from a varied background), if they did not pay for these scores.  I guess despite all the creativity movements, colleges also need some easy means of assessment for their students.  Perhaps these schools would start accepting creativity test scores instead?  That would be really interesting..

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