Jobs and Divergent Thinking

I don’t have a job for this fall.  It bothers me every day. It’s nagging.  Today I was at a friend’s house and found a book titled What Color is Your Parachute: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers.  It made me laugh and scoff a bit because it was published in 2007.  I think the game has changed a bit since then.  Nevertheless, I realized that thinking about work for me is always very critical in that I never can suspend judgment when thinking about potential opportunities.  Therefore, I decided to try to use creative thinking (divergence) in creating a list of possible employment that I could pursue in Michigan.  I want to suspend my judgment in order to come up with as many solutions (practical or not) in two minutes.  Here I go:

  • cafe barista
  • sub teacher
  • babysitter
  • pie maker
  • house cleaner
  • coach!
  • driver
  • work at a bookstore 🙂
  • write for a newspaper
  • take mannnny classes to finish my degree
  • apply to run take out
  • create a company to tutor kids
  • create a tourist blog for marquette
  • work at a co-op, yum
  • work at a pizza place, yum
  • become a personal trainer at a gym

When I do this, I become a lot less hopeless.  I like the feeling of endless possibilities that this way of thinking affords, and I like the idea of being an entrepreneur… of creating my own company or business.  This is one of the seven survival skills from Wagner, and I have been thinking a lot about this sort of thing in the past few years, wanting to put some of my passions into some sort of entrepreneurial endeavor.  I think it will take a lot more creative thinking practice in order to get to that point, because usually I shut my mind off from possibilities too early.  I really like this way of thinking because it is really freeing and leads to some good possible solutions that are kind of laid out there in front of me.  Having it down on paper (or digitally saved) is great because it is also good to make comparisons between ideas this way, rather than the why my mind works which is that I can really only compare 2-3 things at a time.



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One Response to Jobs and Divergent Thinking

  1. kaelinehand says:

    I might work for AmeriCorps in Michigan! Options are good.

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